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Testimony #1 JASMINE WHITE

I am happy to present here testimonies of counselees, who have kindly agreed to share their experiences to glorify God and to encourage others who may be going through similar situations.

If I were to conduct a survey across a wide section of ladies, I am sure there would be a general agreement to the expression that, they hope to meet Mr Right or Prince Charming, logically meaning that they hope to fall in love, get married and live happily ever after.

I am no different and I thought that after I met my handsome prince charming it would be a happily ever after. I guess by now you are expecting to hear the worst but before I share with you a very difficult period in my life about an almost failed marriage, I want to reassure you that God is real and that He delivers and restores broken people and broken marriages, even when you think your situation is too difficult and beyond a solution.

You might be thinking about your own way out and a solution that you think is best but rest assured that God truly knows the plan he has for you. It is not to harm you but to prosper you, to give you hope and a future as Jeremiah 29:11 reassures us.

This renewed hope and a future is what I experienced after undergoing deep life changing Christian counselling with Elder Felix Kuzoe, when I was at the end of the road.

I was in deep pain after years of tolerating a marriage that was unfavourable in many ways. In a nutshell, I was overloaded with responsibilities; all the finances were on my shoulder; raising the children, taking care of the home and unmet emotional and physical needs. I was manipulated by my husband who always got his way through gentle coercion and I would give in, because of the depth of my love, even when my intuition told me some things were unreasonable and did not make rational sense.

I had no doubt that my husband loved me but it was apparent that there were circumstances in his life that were out of his control which caused him to be irrational. Deep down in my heart, I know the smart intelligent man I fell in love with and so I was baffled as to what was happening. I was taken for granted and I did not want to be a part of this marriage anymore. I became tired of crying to God, asking why me? after all the sacrifices that I have made for my family. Why was I feeling so angry and so much resentment towards my husband?

"I was literally losing my identity in a sense, and I was not happy" to the preceding one" resentiment towards my husband" and leave.

I was depressed and all kinds of negative thoughts, including divorce were constantly plaguing my mind. All my financial savings have been wiped out. I could hardly believe that someone like me who is very prudent would be so blinded, to take care of all the bills and family needs, and also allow a substantial amount of money in my savings to be mismanaged by my husband without any accountability. I resorted to borrowing money and living from paycheck to paycheck. Besides,

I had bills that could not be paid and debts that had to be settled. I lived in anticipation that I would get a phone call or a knock on the door by creditors saying it is payback time. I was mentally and physically exhausted. I was tired of arguing with my husband about his uncaring attitude and his lack of contribution to the growth of the family and our marriage. The children were beginning to sense that there was a problem and I can remember, one of them saying to me that God hates divorce and so do children.

I was surprised to know that what was happening was obvious to them. I am not blaming my husband for all the problems, because I think I should have been firm in holding him accountable. I thought so. Furthermore, It seems he was not ready to let go of his past, as he was still in contact with old flames and was thinking that he was exempted from what the Bible says about leaving mother and father and cleaving to the wife. The kind of treatment I got made me feel that I was last on his list and everyone else mattered but me.

I could go on to describe other endless accounts of suffering but this is not the aim of my sharing this experience with you. I only want to give you a background of my experience so that you can understand the deliverance that I experienced and to assure you that you too can be delivered, if you are willing to let go and understand that you have no control over your husband or the situation so to speak, but God has. We have to surrender totally to Him, our Creator, to have His way in our life.

When I sought counselling from Elder Kuzoe, I was able to fully surrender to God. God in his infinite wisdom and mercy spoke through Elder Kuzoe who gave of himself in humility, honesty and integrity without expectation of financial gain. His only wish was to be used by God as an instrument of healing and deliverance. As the counselling progressed I started experiencing peace that I had never felt in my life and am still experiencing that peace to this day, over two years since the counselling.

The depth and richness of material used in the seven step healing process not only transformed my life but the deliverance was extended also to my husband because I stood in the gap for him. He had travelled to visit his relatives and on return he was already showing signs of a changed person. I was amazed. After some time he asked me if he could also see Elder Kuzoe for counselling, and of course he did. I never suggested this to him but I had secretly been hoping in my heart that this would happen one day.

God has been good to me and my family for not only have our finances been restored but I now have my husband back who is showing in many ways that he cares about his family. He is at the forefront leading us in reading the Scriptures and praying as a family; something we never did before because we were never really spending time together as a family. We now discuss our finances and all other matters that affect the family as a team with a shared vision. The enemy tries to creep in once in a while in the area of finance and other ways but I am using the wisdom that God has given me to say no when I have to and my husband does not pressure me like he used to.

He is submissive to God and is growing and maturing in His ways and judgement. We have both been delivered and our family has been restored. I thank God that he gave me an extra dose of tolerance and longsuffering, as even in my pain I remained faithful to my husband and above all, my faith in God increased, as I knew that only He could deliver me from the pain I was experiencing and the burden I was carrying. Of course, I knew that God never left nor had forsaken me. The period of trial was just an intense moment of testing, I believe. I now know that it was to bring glory to His name and to make my family stronger and closely knitted. I know that God did not give me a beautiful family only for us to fall in ruins. I thank God for Elder Kuzoe's Ministry;

I am blessed to have been able to benefit from his God given wisdom. My experience in receiving counselling was like encountering an angel on earth, and honestly, that was how I felt. I was able to share my experiences in all honesty and trust and never felt for one moment that I was being judged. I was assured of God's mercy and compassionate love and I was always guided to a word or passage from the Bible, to assure me that God is faithful and true in all His promises to us.

I trust that this testimony will be a blessing to you.

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